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You Deserve A Better Life

SS prestige HK Limited is a fast growing importer and distributer based in Hong Kong.The basic function of the company is to source and distribute chain store high quality products from overseas markets.

We believe people deserve the best  - a better life ever! We ever-advance our perspective, we hope to distribute and bring people healthy and premium products to make a better life. We believe health makes you happy! We hope people find a better way to live! We hope to make earth a better place to live! We explore the world with our passion, which is like a paintbrush full of infinite possibilities, and with this power, since 2015,we have brought various products to Hong Kong customers in the past 7 years. Each of our brands is unique, and we hope you'll find the muse that makes your life better as you use them. But all brands have only one common goal, which is to deliver a healthy and fresh life concept to our customers, taking care of family and personal care needs in an all-round way.

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