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- Granule loaded design, easy to carry

- Ideal for dine out or travel

- Prevention of dental caries, prevention of plaque

- Prevent and inhibit bacterial growth

- Keep the breath fresh

-Made in Japan


- 單顆粒裝設計,帶出街好方便,尤其是在特別重要的場合


- 預防牙斑-防止及抑制細菌滋生

- 預防口氣,清除口氣,保持口氣清新

- 日本製造


Mouthwash Long Spin -Rose 14mL 10pcs Pack 便攜顆粒裝漱口水 -玫瑰薄荷味 14mL X 10粒

HK$48.00 Regular Price
HK$45.60Sale Price
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