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Did you know newborns are drawn to the smell of breast milk? By two weeks they can tell the difference between their mother’s milk and somebody else’s! ATTITUDE’s Nature + TechnologyTM Fragrance-free Baby Bottle & Dishwashing Liquid is designed to effectively remove milk residue, grease and odors on baby bottles and other accessories. Made with hypoallergenic and natural ingredients, this enhanced formula is crafted with saponin, a highly effective cleansing ingredient. Rest assured your little lactose lover’s belongings will stay clean and fresh, worry-free!


- 無香料低敏感配方
- 除油污起泡配方,節省時間及用水,過水容易。
- 無有害殘留。表面活性劑由植物性可再生原料製成。
- 不含VOC(揮發性有機化合物),不含可產生致癌化學物質(1,4-二噁烷和環氧乙烷)的乙氧基化表面活性劑,如SLES / SLS,無刺激物。
- 酸鹼平衡。
- EWG安全認證(美國環境工作組織A級評分)

使用方法及注意事項:每1 L水中倒入2 mL 清潔液, 一個標準水槽約用15 mL 。不適用於自動洗碗機。請勿讓兒童觸及。本產品適合0~12歲嬰幼兒使用。

ATTITUDE Baby Dishwashing Liquid Fragrance-free 嬰幼兒奶樽及碗碟清潔劑 700mL 無香

HK$89.00 Regular Price
HK$84.55Sale Price
  • <5% Vegetable anionic surfactant (coco-glucoside), <5% vegetable non-ionic surfactants(lauryl glucoside). Contains also: Aqua / water / eau, sodium chloride, glycerin, sodium gluconate, sodium citrate, saponins.

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