It’s the middle of the night. Baby’s hungry and must be fed. Having to wake all the way up to fix a bottle is an exhausting but necessary fact of this new life. If only someone would invent a bottle that could be ready before you need it.

Everyone knows you can’t just mix formula with water and let it sit around. But what if you could have everything ready to go, just not mixed? Hmmm. The idea was sound. But how would it work?

Wheels turned. The brainstorming began in earnest. Design engineers were consulted, experiments were conducted, proto -types tested. Before long, a beautiful little bottle was born. A genius, and Mixie was her name.

Picture this. Formula powder is put into a specially designed, air-tight compartment. Next, the bottle is filled with water. When it’s time, a button on the bottom of the bottle is pushed and voila–formula powder is released.

Like magic. Okay, the baby’s crying. Easy. Pop and shake and watch the little agitator do its work. You can’t help but notice how nicely the formula mixes with water–not a clump in sight.

Hooray. On planes, in restaurants, –wherever babies go. Having Mixie at the ready is a godsend. Not just for the baby mind you, but for everyone.

Now, savvy parents around the world,  are sharing their newfound Mixie wisdom with those who are soon-to-be.

How Mixie Makes Her Magic!