“Hakubaku” means “White Barley” in Japanese. It describes Hakubaku’s desire that our customers will enjoy nutrient-rich “Barley” in the same way as white rice, which is primary food in Japan.
Since the foundation, we have been deeply involved with 5 Grains; Barley, Rice, Millet, Wheat and Soba(Buckwheat). Our corporate logo expresses that 5 Grains, Barley, Rice, Millet, Wheat and Soba(Buckwheat) will spread worldwide thereafter.


Popular baby series
"I want to make baby food by hand, but I want to reduce the time and effort to make and tidy up", "I want to eat noodles for food experience, but I am concerned about saltiness," Responding to such mother's feelings, salt free, long A thin noodle of 2.5 cm. You can use it as it is without throwing away the juice in a bowl. 

It can be widely used from 7 months for infant standard application food to the infant.

Newly released baby udon large-capacity type that is ideal for infant food at around 1 to 2 years old!